Fitness Partner

Kainos Global invites Gyms & Fitness Centers
to join hands with us to become our ‘Fitness Partners’ to help us spread wellness and good health. You would be required to set up Kainos Physio-wellness & Retail corner within your workspace.

Under this arrangement we set up a Kainos Physio-wellness & retail corner for you with the requisite equipment and know-how, in addition to a 14 day training module for at least 2 of your employees to conduct therapies and affect sales.

You earn through Value Addition as well as Sales in this module. The fact that these equipment and therapies are proven mechanisms to combat obesity, accrue health benefits in common illnesses, relieve pain and soreness of the joints and muscles, etc. is important for the gyms and fitness centers. You have a good reason to generate a decent footfall and add value to the services already rendered by you.

The basic requirements are as follows:

Investment Range: INR 2,78,000.00 + GST TO INR 7,70,000.00 + GST

Required Space (Commercial) Range: 100 Sq. Ft. – 375 Sq. Ft.

For detailed trade enquiries: /+91 83838 48051
For customer enquiries: /+91 93110 11937

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