Corporate Wellness (Productivity Through Wellness)

Productivity Through Wellness (PTW) is a Corporate Wellness Program and Solution by Kainos Global for corporates and businesses of all types and sizes.

Under the PTW project, Kainos Global sets up Corporate Physio-Wellness Centers, within the workspace of Corporates and Businesses who wish to avail preventive health and wellness benefits for their employees and increase their productivity at work at the same time. A Wellness Audit of the interested institutions helps Kainos decide the required customizations in terms of size, equipment, protocol and personnel.

All of these centers are established and run under the able supervision of well trained and qualified wellness professionals.


Government & PSUs
The PTW initiative can be put forward through the award of a work contract to Kainos Global, post liaison between the Kainos Global PTW Team and the respective Employee Health and HR departments of the Government Bodies, PSUs, Govt. Sector Offices, etc.

SOHOs, SMEs & Corporates
The PTW initiative is business size agnostic and can be applied successfully to all possible sizes of business

Doctors, AAYUSH Practioners, & Other Healthcare Settings
While the Kainos Global PTW team is adept at handling preventive health and wellness programs holistically, the involvement of individuals and institutions connected to healthcare can participate in the PTW project as solution providers and partners to scale up operations and add value to the initiative.


Kainos Global after a detailed review and audit of the several factors that surround your workplace and employee wellness scores and stress levels firms up its implementation strategy, wellness programs & equipment. We can independently set up a physio-wellness protocol for your employees which not only benefits them in terms of good health but also enhances their performance levels and productivity without any compromise on their working hours.


Kainos Global is also adept at collaborating with an existing health & wellness set up or an ongoing  employee wellness program or protocol in your workplace. Our implementation modules and strategy continue to add value and benefits when applied in tandem with a existing wellness mechanism. 

Turnkey One-Time or Services Retainer

You have the option of either a complete set-up, maintenance and staffing as our responsibility or a one-time set up with well trained therapists and professionals under your pay-roll. We are of course there to provide you with the vital tech-support for the entire duration of the Physio-wellness set up at your workspace at a fee.


The Kainos Global PTW initiative is business size agnostic and has a program, protocol and solution for every possible business with employee base ranging from 5 500+. The parameters being Employee Base (in Numbers) & Wellness Audit Outcomes.

Module 1: EB (Employee Base) < 20  
Small Scale Audit Physio-Wellness Kiosk / Corner Therapist (On Call) Professional (On Call)

Module 2: 20 < EB (Employee Base) < 50  
Small Scale Audit Physio-Wellness Corner / Center Therapist (Stationed) Professional (On Call)

Module 3: 50 < EB (Employee Base) < 100  
Medium/Large Scale Audit Physio-Wellness Center Therapist (Stationed) Professional (Stationed) Healthcare Settings (Tied Up)

Module 4: EB (Employee Base) > 100  
Large Scale Audit Physio-Wellness Center Therapist (Stationed) Professional (Stationed) Medical Professional (Stationed) Helathcare SETTINGS (TIED UP)


Meeting & Presentation
Step1 of any project under the PTW initiative is to set up a partnership with a key stakeholder through a mutual discussion over a company presentation from Kainos Global.

Wellness Audit
Step 2 follows the agreement to conduct a wellness audit of the key stakeholder’s workspace in terms of ergonomics, work nature, employee health and stress levels, infrastructure set up, etc. for a small fee. The outcomes of the audit are then shared with the key stakeholder along with a solution proposal and implementation highlights.

Step 3 follows the approval of the solution proposal, the modules proposed and the formats decided upon in addition to the associated costs.
A detailed implementation plan is submitted post contract and financial fulfilment and the establishment begins thereafter, to be completed within the proposed timelines and specifications.
Value Adds & Support
Step 4 is the proper manning, management and support of the established set up with tie ups with healthcare settings (if applicable) for value adds and a simultaneous data collection format for measuring the effects of the implementation, which is submitted as monthly reports to the key stakeholder.


The PTW eco-system runs on the format of streamlined processes and protocols. From the Wellness Audit to the submission of the Solutions & Outcomes Document to the actual Implementation Strategy & Execution, each step of the process is planned and executed meticulously.  Kainos Global concurrently sets up exclusive tie ups with healthcare and wellness centers and professionals for supervision and value additions in the physio-wellness protocol that is devised and put in place for the Key Stakeholder.  Over a period of 40 days a complete documentation featuring audit outcomes, solutions advised and implementation plan is laid down which eventually results in the establishment of the Physio-wellness center best suited to the key stakeholder’s workforce and workplace. The customisations are precise and aided by professionals, mechanisms, machines and technology to deliver the best possible outcomes in terms of employee health, performance & productivity.


Corporate Wellness yields significant returns at all possible levels of revenue, productivity and spirit.

It is known to substantially benefit on one or more of the aspects stated below:

-   Enhanced Recruitment and Retention
-   Fewer Absences
-   Improved Job Performance & Productivity
-   Improved Employee Relation and Morale
-   Supportive and Harmonious Workplace
-   Improved Business Bottom Line
-   Reduced Cost of Employee Health Benefits
-   Decreased Productivity Losses due to Employee Health

The usual challenge or main reason for not implementing a corporate wellness program is the lack of Initiative, Resource and Manpower.

With Kainos Global, we present you with an effective solution through qualified equipment, expertise and personnel to help your employees get started on the wellness journey and see results.

As for INITIATIVE – all you’ve got to do is either SIT or LIE DOWN!

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