ETW (Empowerment Through Wellness)

ETW is a sustainable initiative by Kainos Global.

Through ETW Kainos Global endeavours to empower the women of India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar & Bhutan by training them to be Wellness Professionals running Kainos Global Physio-Wellness Centers in the capacity of Partner Resellers and Therapists.


The ETW initiative can be put forward through a collaboration between Kainos Global and the respective governments. These collaborations would best suit countries where tourism, hospitality and wellness tourism is an important revenue source and pre-occupation.


The ETW initiative can be jointly incubated by players of the Tourism, Health & Wellness Industry (Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Wellness Centers, SPAs, Gymnasiums, Physiotherapy Centers, etc.)


Bodies of the United Nations and other Social Sector organisations, working in the field of women empowerment, poverty alleviation and unemployment can associate with Kainos Global under this initiative.

Businesses of all sizes and individuals who wish to be a part of the wellness industry can collaborate with Kainos Global under this initiative.



Step1 of any project under the ETW initiative is to set up a partnership with a key stakeholder. The central extent and magnitude of the initiative is always measured under the head of SMARTFORCE (Number of Girls/Women to be trained, usually ranging from 10 to 500). The SMARTFORCE enables us to back calculate and ascertain the project financials and implementation strategy.

Step 2 is the selection, classification, training and education of the SMARTFORCE. It is a rigorous module of 40 Days, which makes the candidate well versed with the basic body anatomy and physiology and a detailed therapy training for general wellness, pain relief and problem solving.

Step 3 is the certification of the SMARTFORCE under the different heads of Physiotherapists, Master Physiotherapists and Super Physiotherapists.

Step 4 is the handing over of opportunity to those certified in different formats of employment and entrepreneurship.


The ETW eco-system runs on the format of multiple processes and protocols. From selection of the SMARTFORCE from the given population, to their training and certification, each step of the process is planned and executed meticulously.

Kainos Global concurrently sets up a business model through a network of physio-wellness centers and retail stores for the partner.

Over a period of 40 days an adequate number of SMARTFORCE ladies are churned out of the training process and certified as per their performance and calibre under 3 well defined certifications. These certified professionals are made ready and placed in different roles at the wellness centers / retail stores set up by Kainos Global for the Partner.

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