About Kainos

Kainos products are a result of an in-depth and voluminous research on various ancient Oriental Healing Practices. These products provide Chiropractic and Acupressure benefits via pressure technique, thermal effect of and crystal healing through natural stones and minerals.

Besides promoting general well-being by strengthening the immune system and increasing the blood circulation of the body, these products have proven benefits of Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stress Relief and Detoxification.

The quality and efficacy of these products is common knowledge as they deliver decisive and beneficial results in medical conditions such as Stress, Anaemia, Diabetes, Arthritis, Poor Circulation, Neuralgia, Asthma, Period Pain, Gastro Conditions, Gynaecological Problems, Scoliosis, Kidney Stone, Post Natal Discomfort, Obesity, Prostate Conditions, Insomnia, Cancer, Back Pain and several other common ailments and diseases.

Kainos Co Ltd., Seoul, South Korea has set up global export and physiowellness therapy centers in the USA, Malaysia, Romania, Turkey & Hong Kong. Globally, it is one of the most trusted names for Foot Massagers, Hand Massagers, Spine Physio-Beds and Slimming Beds.

In India, the company has signed an exclusive Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with Bihar Burn & Trauma Research Center Pvt. Ltd. to set up a JV by the name of ‘Kainos Global Health & Wellness Pvt. Ltd.’ which would distribute and market its products in India, Dubai, African and CIS Countries, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma and Maldives.

Kainos Global also runs Corporate Wellness programs for corporates and businesses of all types and sizes. Under the Productivity Under Wellness (PTW) program, Kainos Global sets up Corporate Physio-Wellness Centers, within the workspace of Corporates and Businesses who wish to avail preventive health and wellness benefits for their employees and increase their productivity at work at the same time.

Kainos Global also runs a sustainable initiative “Empowering Through Wellness – ETW” to empower women of various South Asian countries like India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar & Bhutan by training them to be Wellness Professionals running Kainos Global Physio-Wellness Centers in the capacity of Partner Resellers and Therapists.

As part of its endeavour to make Wellness affordable and accessible, Kainos Global is in the process of opening several Physio-Wellness Centers in the country with its trade partners, where the therapies offered would come from the best in the fields of Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Acupressure, Yoga, Oriental Thermal Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Guided Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Health Food, Chakra Therapy, Theta Healing, Sound Therapy, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The therapies begin with a holistic assessment of the body and soul, followed by the prescription of an amalgamated therapy protocol chosen from among one or more of the above sciences. While the therapists replete with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body lend remarkable benefits to an ailment, pain or spiritual setback, a systematic framework of periodic assessments and mutual feedback ensures that the therapy protocol moulds itself in conjunction with the rendered effect

All this and more wrapped in a simple yet effective ‘Physio-Wellness’ technological framework with multiple interfaces to ensure adherence of the highest possible scale.

For detailed trade enquiries: contact@kainosglobal.com /+91 83838 48051 
For customer enquiries: response@kainosglobal.com /+91 93110 11937

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