• Kainos Storm Therapy (Cordless Body Massager)

Kainos Global Storm Therapy (Cordless Body Massager) is the world’s first wireless powerful myofascial deep wave relaxation device which is super easy to use. It is a compact and lightweight vibrating massager, that provides you with significant relief against chronic pain, aches, and stiffness. Ideal for back, neck, arms, leg stiffness, and pain, the Storm Therapy allows all powerful wave massage, shiatsu massage, acupressure massage, acupuncture massage, and circulation massage. Perhaps, its unique design and accurate results are all that makes it stand out.

Spherical Wave is Storm’s stand-alone body optimized, rhythm wave that works deep within the body. It covers your entire body (from head to toe) to restore balance and leave you with a relaxing sensation. The combination of Super Power RPM motor technology and Storm’s stand-alone Spherical Wave gives the power for accurate and effective functions. Storm therapy is optimized in aeremia circulation and fascia relaxation powered by Storm’s spherical wave which allows various body parts to be massaged in different ways and design. This way, this cordless massager system can take the experience of the users to a whole new level.

     Relaxation fascia

     Aeremia circulation

     Balance your muscles

     Easy to use

     Compact and lightweight

     The high-performance vibrator provides relief to body pain and stiffness

     Ideal for back, neck, arms, and leg stiffness and pain

     Relax and enjoy yourself comfortably

Kainos Storm Therapy (Cordless Body Massager)

  • ₹95,000.00

  • Ex Tax: ₹95,000.00

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