Beauty Partner

Kainos Global invites Spas, Salons and Beauty Parlors to become our ‘Beauty Partners’ to help us spread wellness and good health. You would be required to set up a Kainos Physio-wellness & Retail Kiosk within your workspace.  

Under this arrangement we set up a Kainos Physio-wellness & retail kiosk for you with the requisite equipment and know-how, in addition to a 14 day training module for at least 1 of your employees to conduct therapies and affect sales.

The basic requirements are as follows:

Investment Range: INR 1,48,000.00 + GST TO INR 3,90,000.00 + GST

Required Space (Commercial) Range: 36 Sq. Ft. – 125 Sq. Ft.

For detailed trade enquiries: /+91 83838 48051 
For customer enquiries: /+91 93110 11937

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